03-24-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

Beer. What a royal shame. How did such a complex championed beverage end up with what could arguably be considered one of the most basic designations in the English language? For 5,000 years, humans have been quenching their thirst, and perhaps, for a select few, nurturing cell growth over their abdominal regions to protect their cherished six-packs, with this valued commodity. This surely explains why the beverage is sold in multiples of 6. This doesn’t explain, however, why the simple name.

For that answer we must go back, way back to— you guessed it— Latin. Beer comes from the Latin word bibere which means— you also guessed it— to drink. The Latins nailed it. Was it during the, perhaps hasty, translation into English where the word lost any hint of pizzazz and glee? We are convinced, it was then, during the process of translation, that we failed this ancient beverage.

Fast forward to our 21st century. Not all has been lost. Small craft brewers have set out to restore its good name, Liquid Gold. BeerVibe is eager to introduce you to their adventurous craft brews as we rate them, one pint at a time. Aromas, appearances, flavors and mouthfeels, will all be shared right here.

Follow us as we journey from their kegs to their beautifully carved tap handles and from artsy bottle labels to refined glasses. (For those of you who prefer to drink straight from the tap, who are we to judge?) It’s our desire that you enjoy our contributions as we strive to build knowledge and exposure for small craft brewers.

Welcome to the launch of BeerVibe. We love people. We love culture. We love beer.