10-28-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

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Holy Mackerel! Thanks to the creative flair of founder Bob Gordache the Beer Vibe Crew had excellent vibes from Panic Attack- Belgian-Style Trippel beer.

Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Belgian-Style Trippel beer

10% ABV

These are our thoughts!

The Pour: Head Fades

Ms. Hopologist: “Little head, oh well.”

Once Upon a German: “No head, clean pour.”

Mr. De La Beer: “No head, faded quick.”

Score: 2/5


The Color: Coppery Amber

Ms. Hopologist: “Deep amber.”

Once Upon a German: “Copper red color.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Light copper.”

Score: 4/5


The Smell: Honey, no doubt

Ms. Hopologist: “Caramel, burnt maple, honey.”

Once Upon a German: “Sugar, honey light malt.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Very little musky, honey candy.”

Score: 3.3/5


The Flavor: Mucho Dulce

Ms. Hopologist: “Pure sugar, all honey.”

Once Upon a German: “Sweet malt, honey, bready, delicious.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Slightly sweet, medium maltiness.”

Score: 3.3/5


The Mouthfeel: Sticky

Ms. Hopologist: “Super sweet, bit metalic, cold medicine.”

Once Upon a German: “Full sticky honey comb mouth.”

Mr. De La Beer: “A little sticky.”

Score: 3.3/5


Total Score: 3.1/5

Ending Comments

Well, we’ve only just begun tasting what Bob has to offer, we are definitely looking forward to what else is in store. Plus we got a special interview with him at this years last Original Beerfest, we will post soon.


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