06-24-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

Beervibe Drinks Local in Miami

The more beer we taste the more our brains and palettes get fine-tuned to distinguish unique flavors lurking in craft beer. But with Funky Buddha’s More Moro Blood Orange IPA there is no hiding the powerful citrus aroma. Again we experience the difference between drinking orange flavored beer and beer that craftily graph’s the citrus into the body of the beer.

Funky Buddha’s More Moro Blood Orange IPA

7% ABV, 80 IBUs

These are our thoughts.

The Pour: Quickly fading head.

Ms. Hopologist: “Little lace, barely any.”

Once Upon a German: “Head fades fast.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Faded fast.”

Score: 3/5


The Smell: Orange Juicy.

Ms. Hopologist: “Oranges and light clove, bit of grapefruit.”

Once Upon a German: “Strong citrus, orange juice.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Orangey.” Enough said?

Score: 4.3/5


The Color: Intense Red.

Ms. Hopologist: “Murky, cloudy, orange amber reddish.”

Once Upon a German: “Intense murky red.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Autum Yellow.”

Score: 4.6/5


The Flavor: Orange Malt.

Ms. Hopologist: “Intense blood orange flavor.”

Once Upon a German: “Orange malt twist, bitter but smooth transition.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Orangey with grapefruit, slightly spicy.

Score: 4.3/5


The Mouthfeel: Medium Body.

Ms. Hopologist: “Light but slight bitter aftertaste that barely lingers. Good with pulled pork sandwich.”

Once Upon a German: “Medium body, Orange rind stays in mouth. Would eat with fruit salad or Honey Ham.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Nice bubbly refreshing ending.”

Score: 4.3/5


Total Score: 4.1/5

Ending Comments

We’d love “More” but we ran out. No kidding. It’s enjoyable to taste creative and fruity craft beers. Funky Buddha has done a great job on this one.


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