06-22-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

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There are Hill Billy’s and now there are Key Billy’s, thus a suitable name given to Keybilly Key Lime Ale. Who doesn’t love an excellent key lime pie? So this beer was created utilizing the famous key lime to produce not just another lime flavored beer, but to artfully craft it into the body of the flavor. Brew Hub of central Florida recognized the artistic flare when it selected this brand to add to their list of home grown Florida beers. What did the BeerVibe crew think of it?

Keybilly, Key Lime Ale

5.4% ABV

These are our thoughts.

The Pour: Rich Thick pour.

Ms. Hopologist: “Nice pour! Full rich color.”

Once Upon a German: “Pours nice with a thick lace.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Big Fluffy Head.”

Score: 4/5


The Smell: Honey with Lime.

Ms. Hopologist: “Honey, key limes, oranges, light malty smell.”

Once Upon a German: “Mild fruit with honey notes.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Citrus, slight honey, smell tapers off.”

Score: 4/5


The Color: Auburn Ginger.

Ms. Hopologist: “Nice reddish golden amber color.”

Once Upon a German: “Coppery fiery red.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Striking amber color rocks.”

Score: 4.3/5


The Flavor: Honey and Lime.

Ms. Hopologist: “Citrus with light honey and key lime flavor.”

Once Upon a German: “Overtaken by honey, spice, mild lime, sweet light malt.”

Mr. De La Beer: No comment (Was overtaken by all the flavor)

Score: 4/5


The Mouthfeel: Refreshing Ending.

Ms. Hopologist: “Watery and light, no aftertaste, good beer on its own, medium to light body, good with fried or baked fish, scallops, or calamari.”

Once Upon a German: “Medium to full body, not much aftertaste, excellent with baked fish.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Medium body, nice light finish”

Score: 4.5/5


Total Score: 4.1/5

Ending Comments

Well we believe the creator of Keybilly really knew what it takes to make a refreshing flavored beer to cool off in the hottest time of the year, especially in the Florida Keys. When it comes to flavoring beer with lime, it’s often needed to make light rice and corn beers palatable. Keybilly is great example of how to blend fruit into the soul a great craft beer.


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