07-05-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

Beervibe Drinks Local in Miami

It took a lot of painstaking thought and meditation for Funky Buddha to create an incredibly hopped beer. Fortunately we didn’t turn into green hoppy monsters during our tasting. As it turns out, super hopped craft beer can be slightly divisive. How did it turn out?

Funky Buddha’s Hop Stimulator Double IPA

9.5% ABV

These are our thoughts.

The Pour: Average.

Ms. Hopologist: “Small lace, small head, head diminished quickly.”

Once Upon a German: “Small head, fades quickly.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Not big, small head, rapidly fades.”

Score: 4/5


The Smell: Pungent.

Ms. Hopologist: “Ammonia, bitter grapefruit, flowery.”

Once Upon a German: “Pungent hops, cat pee, for real.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Hop, hop, hop, beautiful aroma.”

Score: 4/5


The Color: Amber.

Ms. Hopologist: “Golden Yellow.”

Once Upon a German: “Amber, murky liquid.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Golden Amber”

Score: 4/5


The Flavor: Bitter Hops.

Ms. Hopologist: “Bitter, hoppy, malty, cologne. High alcohol taste, very hoppy.

Once Upon a German: “The foam tastes like pure fruit rind. Sweet citrus, grapefruit, leafy, hopped out, goose bump bitter.

Mr. De La Beer: “I can sense the hops, in a big and balanced way.”

Score: 4.5/5


The Mouthfeel: Pouty Mouth.

Ms. Hopologist: “Hoppy lingering aftertaste. Good with a pretzel.”

Once upon a German: “Full body, pouty mouth, sticky, bitter green ending. Pair with rib-eye steak or pretzel and mustard.”

Mr. De La Beer: “Happy, hoppy, mouth.”

Score: 4/5


Total Score: 4.1/5

Ending Comments

Flavored beers beat out flavorless beers, no doubt. Extremes are perfect for very extreme people. Extremely hoppy beers are in a class designed for those extreme people. Fortunately the Beer Vibe crew are slightly extreme.


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