06-06-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

BeerVibe Beer Tastings in Miami

Vol. 4

The BeerVibe crew and friends eagerly anticipated cracking this bottle open of this American IPA, since IPA’s tend to be highly loved amongst most craft beer lovers. How did the BeerVibe crew and friends rate it?

Hop Nosh IPA

7.3 ABV, 82 IBU

These are our thoughts.

The Pour: No disappointments.

Ms. Hopologist: “Beautiful.” (love one word descriptions)

Once Upon a German: “Wonderful head.”

ALE-Jandro: “Great foam head.”

Score: 4.6/5


The Smell: All things flowery.

Ms. Hopologist: “Very floral, earthy, beautiful.”

Once Upon a German: “Nice flowery note, herby.”

ALE-Jandro: “Floral, hoppy, citric.”

Score: 4.6/5


The Color: Coppery.

Ms. Hopologist: “Brown copper.”

Once Upon a German: “Great copper color.”

ALE-Jandro: “Copper, amber.”

Score: 4/5


The Flavor: Grainy, spicy.

Ms. Hopologist: “Spicy, hoppy (but not too much) oatmealy.”

Once Upon a German: “Nice grain malt with decent hops.”

ALE-Jandro: “Citric, hop, bitter-sweet.”

Score: 3.8/5


The Mouthfeel: Stays for a while.

Ms. Hopologist: “Medium body, lingering Hops.”

Once Upon a German: “Lovely lingering hops.”

ALE-Jandro: “Thick lingering flavor.”

Score: 4/5


Total Score: 4.2/5

Ending Comments

The Beervibe Crew and friends certainly enjoyed reviewing this beer. With hearts and heads full of sentimental notions, Hop Nosh IPA was a crowd pleaser. Hop Nosh is Top Notch.

And as the evening with dear friends is drew to a close, we have one last beer to taste and critique.
Please return for the last beer in this series, New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale.

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