Who Invited the Elephant?

04-23-2016, The BeerVibe Crew


Our apologies in advance. You will find little humor in this brief yet vital post. This is a sober subject deserving of pause.

It is a subject often passed over. A subject many are too proud to address. A subject that, tragically, some feel is not relevant to them. We feel it our duty to address the elephant in the room. The subject of when to say, “Enough!”

We at BeerVibe would like to make our position clear. We love beer, yes, however, we do not, and will never, condone overindulgence. In moderation, alcohol has benefits both physically and mentally. In excess, it will catch up with the consumer. If anyone believes he or she is immune to disastrous consequences of the misuse of alcohol, that drinker is sorely mistaken. Our goal here is to enjoy life. This is simply impossible for those who live with regret, guilt or tortured consciences.

In a society riddled with irresponsible drinkers and over-consumption, we depend on you, our readers, our fellow beer enthusiasts, to make the difference. We praise you for setting the example.

Respect the beer. Respect yourself. Respect life. Please, drink responsibly.

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