05-24-2016, The BeerVibe Crew

Crowds gathered Saturday May 7th at Zoo Miami for the 7th annual Brew at the Zoo, held at Zoo Miami and Sponsored by Miami New Times, where they celebrated tasting a large variety of great beers. If you had braved the crowds you would have been amazed that the beer never ran out, that your feet never got tired, and that at the end you were glad that you didn’t miss out on all the fun.

Of Course, beer is the main focus of these events, so our small crew hit the lines to sample beers from some of our favorite brewers.

Here are our thoughts on 3 beers that were sampled, listed in no particular order.

Trigueña Weissbier: 5.0 ABV, 12 IBU.

Comment by Ms. Hopolgist: “ Flowery bouquet, light citrus, pineapple, green apples, refreshing beach beer, opaque blond, medium, lace. Great with chicken wings.”

Widmer Brothers Old Embalmer ’12 Barleywine Ale: 10.5% ABV

Comment by Ms. Hopologist: “Very Hoppy but not overly bitter, grapefruit flavor, lingering aftertaste, would go great with lamb.”

Kona Castaway IPA: 6% ABV

Comment by Ms. Hopologist: “Strong bitter grapefruit rind, passion fruit. Musty nose. Stays on the roof of the mouth.”

The Entertainment:

It was a treat to watch the Hip Hop Band Arrested Development perform classic hits like “Tennessee” and “Mr. Wendell.” They gave a very energetic performance that revealed their great musical range. Todd “Speech” Thomas’ vocals’ hasn’t changed, and his backup singers’ vocals were powerful. It brought us back to a time when music had meaning. Arrested Development always had a knack for making people ponder the important issues and to search deep into one’s soul to find something better to bring to humanity.

To Speech and his band family we send out our best wishes and respect.

Final Thought:

Beer Festivals Provide a great opportunity for both the brewer and craft beer fans. With many new flavors to explore that beer crafters creatively and thoughtfully produce, the fans get the chance to discover amazing beers and give their thumbs up.

The BeerVibe crew looks forward to many more beer festivals to attend and report on.

It was our great honor and privilege to get an Instagram interview with Todd Thomas, the one called “Speech” in the hip hop band Arrested Development. Arrested Development started in 1988 as an Afro-centric voice giving a more positive message to the listeners than the gangsta rap genre popular in the 1990’s. The group won two Grammy Awards in 1992 for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. (Wikipedia).



Here is a transcript of the interview with Todd Thomas, AKA “Speech.

BeerVibe: “You’ve been married 25 years. Congrats! What advice in keeping your marriage together can you give this younger generation?”

Speech: “My wife and I have been together 25 years, married only 20. My advice to married couples is to seek spiritual guidance for your marriage. The earthly/worldly guidance is backwards and martially destructive. We’ve personally found Jesus’ (the Bible’s) teaching for marriage to be paramount and healthy!”

BeerVibe: “What are your thoughts on the direction of the hip-hop and pop music industry, anything positive or otherwise you care to comment on?”

Speech: “I think Hip Hop and Pop have become co-opted by corporations and less by actual artists. There needs to be a movement back to music by artists and promoted on mainstream outlets by literal music lovers. The positives is that artistry still exists and that despite attempts-creativity is out here. The negatives is that it needs way more promotion.”

BeerVibe: “(we are beer blog) You were great at the Brew at the Zoo. If you or any of your members enjoy craft beer, what are your brand preferences?”

Speech: “I’m the worst person to ask because I can only drink a half a bottle of any beer. But our rider asks for Corona. (Not sure if that’s craft or not….sorry for my ignorance)

THANKS for the interview and for the chance to rock Miami! We love it there and we love the vibes at our event with you guys! We’d love to come back!”

BeerVibe: “Thank you so much for responding. I appreciate your time. Great answers!”