05-20-2017, The BeerVibe Crew

Beer Review: Panic Attack, Cafe Cubano

Holy Mackerel! Panic Attack Cafe Cubano! Taken by surprise, the Beer Vibe Crew contented with conflicting flavors. Bob’s creation is well… interesting .

Holy Mackerel – Panic Attack, Cafe Cubano
10% ABV

These are our thoughts!

The pour: Easy Going Head
Ms. Hopologist: “Minimal head, light foam.”
Once Upon a German: “Small head.”
Mr. De La Beer: “Almost no head.”

Score: 2/5

The color: Burnt Red
Ms. Hopologist: “Deep Amber, burnt orange color.”
Once Upon a German: “Coppery red.”
Mr. De La Beer: “Copper”

Score: 3.6/5

The smell: Complex Sweet
Ms. Hopologist: “Cinnamon, clove, honey, strong molasses.”
Once Upon a German: “Sweet but with strong coffee notes.”
Mr. De La Beer: “Bready with coffee smell.”

Score: 2.8/5

The mouthfeel: Full Body Sticky
Ms. Hopologist: “Thick, this beer has bite.”
Once Upon a German: “Lingering malt on the backend helps the strong coffee front, sticky residue.”
Mr. De La Beer: “Sticky.”

Score: 3.6/5

Total Score: 2.9/5

Ending Comments

We caught up with Bob Gordash at this years Original Beerfest in Pembroke Pines Florida. He kindly let us sample Cafe Cubano out of his tap. We were all impressed. He also spoke about it. Check out the video below or check it out on Instagram.

NEXT UP: Still exploring local offerings, plus getting out to brewery’s.

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